Academic Record

ECE scholars must have and maintain a "B" average throughout their time as an ECE scholar. ECE partners with several organizations in Nashville that offer free ACT prep courses and exams and we encourage our scholars to take as many times as possible. ECE has established very strong relationships with partner colleges advisors and student mentors to form a strong web of support for each student.


Career Goal

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We ask our scholars to choose their degree or area of interest before they are accepted into our program. We do this to make sure that we can place each scholar with a mentor in their career path that can support and guide them into becoming a successful citizen post-graduation. We accept college-ready students who have a clear set of goals and know how they plan to achieve them

Financial Need


We look at each scholar's tax returns for documentation. The scholar and their family contribute a minimum of $2000/semester toward their tuition. We are a "last dollar" scholarship and cover the remaining balance based on financial need. Scholars must live at home and not in the dorms to save $8,000/year. As most of our scholars are first-generation college students, living at home proves to be the most supportive environment. We expect our scholars to apply for any and all other scholarships for which they might also qualify.